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Hi folks!

A Cheap Trick here, your friendly neighborhood summoner here.  This is my first post on my new blog where I’ll be talking about my experiences in the eighth level of hell – also known as the League of Legends community.

I’ve been playing League for over a year now, since Draven’s release.  I’m a long time gamer though, I played the original Warcraft and have kept up on my RPG’s, MMO’s, and other fantasy games as the years have gone on – PC more than console for sure.  If you wanted to guess my age a little more accurately….let’s just say I remember getting the original Might and Magic game and playing it on a computer that didn’t even have Windows.

So why do I play League?  I think for the complexity of the game more than anything else.  The sheer diversity of champions, team comps, items, skill paths, and strategies keeps me entertained for hours, upon hours….upon hours.  I don’t profess to being good at this game – if anything I am pretty bad.  But I do admit to having fun playing it.  Win or lose there’s always something to learn about your champion, another champion, a place to gank bot lane from, a new team composition that stomps late game….again, the diversity in League of Legends is incredible.  I recommend that anyone who enjoys a strategic and ever-changing game experience in a fantasy setting pick up this free-to-play game and try it out.  It’s a ton of fun.

But to the point of this whole blogging thing:

I’ve been dying to take my gaming experience to the next level, share my knowledge with the world, and become a positive force in the League of Legends community (too few and far between are we!).  So this website along with the videos and commentaries I’ll be posting should serve that purpose.  I’ll try and give some general hints and gameplay advice, as well as showing off some of my successes…. and failures.  We learn from our mistakes after all!  And maybe, just maybe, with some support and encouragement, I’ll feel ready to document my journey into the world of ranked games.


Anyone who’d like to respond to my posts/videos is more than welcome to, but please keep it courteous and respectful.  I’ll reiterate – I’m not the best League player out there, far from it.  If you are going to do nothing but criticize my playstyle or item choices….kindly keep it to yourself.  Constructive comments are welcomed, I’ll reply where possible.

In the meantime, I’m gonna queue up and camp some bushes!

-A Cheap Trick

p.s. The name is not based on the band…it’s a play on words.